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Kareem Iliya’s watercolor fashion illustrations place a dress in the spotlight, literally.





aufzeichnen1Last night a mysterious light in the sky along with a loud bang scared the hell out of people in North Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. Scientists and police assume that it might stem from a meteorite, which could explain the following blast and noise. Take a look at the video which was published by a Swedish new site.

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„To rid ourselves of our shadows – who we are – we must step into either total light or total darkness.“

Jeremy Preston Johnson

33628_1_230This LED traffic light by Stanislav Katz is a true high-tech innovation for the masses. It will save energy and ease of construction through its design.

The cast, or mould, for the unit only requires a single set-up as each light section is identical, as opposed to the traditional triple light fabrication which is quite complex. The use of LED technology also is a step forward. Only green and red ‘bulbs’ are required; illuminating both colours in unison creates the yellow hue.

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Zum 50. Geburtstag des legendären Motown-Labels, heute einmal eine etwas konstruierte Überleitung. Wo Licht ist, ist auch Schatten. Und im Schatten von Motown standen lange Zeit die Musiker, die für dessen unverkennbaren Sound gesorgt haben, die „Funk Brothers“. In der Dokumentation „Standing in the Shadows of Motown“ (2003) wird die Geschichte dieser Musiker erzählt und ihnen Tribut gezollt. Mit aktuellen Künstlern haben sie sich in Detroit noch einmal zusammengetan, um einige der größten Motown-Hits wieder live zu spielen.

Need to save your place, but also need a light? Then look no further than the Flexilite Bookmark. This special book mark includes a light so you don’t have to worry about dealing with a bookmark, and a separate reading light.

The Flexilite bookmark is the perfect size for just about any book you can find. Take it with you to the library, or keep a couple on your nightstand by your bed so they will be right at your fingertips. The LED light will last a lifetime, and only weighs 1.5 ounces. Comes in various colors, and sure to please any avid reader.



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